The UK Shoppe: Peterborough, Ontario’s Very Own British Shoppe

· All the foods, sweets and drinks you miss can be found in The UK Shoppe. ·

The UK Shoppe

And now for something completely different, Canada’s very own slice of Britain, located right here in Peterborough, Ontario. The UK Shoppe stocks everything you miss from across the pond and more, including tea, breakfast foods, sweets and biscuits, crisps, sauces and gravies, pickles and chutney, beverages and frozen foods. All the foods, sweets and drinks you miss can be found in The UK Shoppe.

About The UK Shoppe

Since the day we first opened in September of 2008, The UK Shoppe has sought out the best that Britain has to offer to add to our rapidly growing assortment of British foods and giftware. We take pride in offering the largest, in-stock assortment of British foods this side of the Atlantic.

Unlike some British shops, you will never find out-of-date or stale food items for sale at The UK Shoppe. We don’t hide the best before dates on our food items…we highlight them on our price tags! This way, at a glance, you will know for yourself that you are getting a fresh food item.

We will always continue to seek out new products, while at the same time maintain your favourite products that you have grown to know and love over the years, to offer you the best shopping experience possible.

A true “Mom and Pop” shop, The UK Shoppe strives to stay active within our community of Peterborough, Ontario. Sponsoring local football teams as well as other British related events in the community and are just some of the ways The UK Shoppe gives back to those who are gracious enough to support us.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer free delivery with a purchase of $20.00 within the city limits. We can easily ship anywhere within the province of Ontario. If you’d like to learn more about shipping outside of Ontario, please give us a ring.

What’s New?

Check back often to find a new featured product.

7-91 George Street N., Peterborough, ON, K9J 3G3
Main: 705‑745‑

What's New?
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The UK Shoppe
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The UK Shoppe
Discovered our first "Chuck Buck" in our cash register today! 😎❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦 ... See MoreSee Less
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